Since Grus's hobby is cooking, and since cooking systems in games are great, I've thought about local cuisine way more than I should.

I'd like this section to slowly grow as some sort of online recipe book, as I personally experiment in the kitchen. Anyway, food in the various nations of Fiamme Eterne follows some kind of pattern.

  • Since Himmelheit takes inspiration from Northern Italy, its cuisine is based mostly on that of Lombardy, and partly on the near Piedmont and Veneto. I'm thinking on putting in some typical alpine dishes, too
  • I had a very clear idea of Himmelheit, but it took me a while to settle on central Italy recipes for Vallendeur; I didn't want to omit (delicious) southern food, but I guess I'll settle for the occasional "imported delicacy". This means a possible mix of Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, Marche, and Abruzzo. Pizza tastes better in Vallendeur, if you need a side to root for
  • Minor Astraea is a mountainous nation, so while I craved making Astreans tremendous focaccia cooks as they if were from seaside Liguria, the difference in altitude and climate between the two made me falter. It seems it's awfully hard to bake bread in high altitudes. But since Fiamme Eterne is a fantasy universe, I'll just have them use magic Psichelite ovens and call it a day, I need my focaccia. Besides that, I'd like Astrean food to be inspired by the culinary traditions of Emilia-Romagna — especially of the Emilian Apennines
  • No one cares about food from Major Astraea

Since this is a RPG and cooking is not the focus, it's probably going to be very reductive of the actual cuisine in the real world. But it could be a good starting point to get curious about the real deal! Please forgive me if your region has been bundled with another you despise. I just wanted more good food.

Food in Altenwolk

This is still a WIP, but I've been drafting some recipes I'd like to write more about (and which will definitely be in the games, starting from The City I Love):

  • Altenwolk Stracotto: Pot beef roast (literally "overcooked") served with potatoes. The Altenwolk variant is made of monster meat
  • Polenta with Mushrooms: Boiled cornmeal dish served with roasted mushrooms. The optimal consistency of polenta has been the source of countless conflicts
  • Onion Soup: This is easy, for once. It's onion soup
  • Munzen Schnitzel: Breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet served with thickly sliced round roasted potatoes, whose resemblance to golden coins gives it its name. Winners of Munzen's Cup tournaments usually eat a nice dish of Munzen Schnitzel to celebrate
  • Spiceder Risotto: Risotto made with the freshly harvested web of a Spiceder monster, which gives it its peculiar yellow colour and a very distinct taste. Since the web needs to be cooked in less than 24 hours after harvesting, its main ingredient is incredibly pricy; thankfully, since little is needed for a single dish, it's still a viable recipe for the home cook