To protect that which is important.

Hi! I'm Crescendo, music composer and hobbyist game dev.
In 2021 I've been struck by the need to make an RPG, so that's where I'm writing about it.

Fiamme Eterne is (going to be) a 2D conditional turn-based RPG set in a fantasy world where technology relies on magic gems called Psichelite. All related stories usually focus on Elster Pickart and Grus Kranich, soldiers of the Kingdom of Himmelheit and main characters of the game.

These are all part of the Fiamme Eterne universe:

  • Fiamme Eterne - Lifelong Dream: short twine story on how Elster and Grus became soldiers in their teens, and how they ended up together
  • Fintanto che sei al mio fianco: Elster and Grus' theme and soundtrack to Lifelong Dream
  • Coppa di Munzen: basic rulebook for the card game played in all of Himmelheit, which Elster is obsessed with
  • Fiamme Eterne - The City I Love: prequel story and a way to experiment with the system before I tackle the full game — how Elster and Grus first met as children
  • Fiamme Eterne: full game I need to make or I'll die


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