"CV" stands for "Caelestis Visum", meaning "Celestial Vision", after chronicles of a vision in the sky in the year CV 0.

  • CV 0 - Chronicles of the facts are unclear, but it seems an object of immense proportions had been sighted in the skies of Summa, and never seen again; believers of the Heavens Church claim it was a divine sign
  • CV 600 - Once a great leading power, Major Astraea is now barely considered by other countries and loses its control over Minor Astraea
  • CV 604 - Frida Finken is born
  • CV 624 - Elster Pickart is born
  • CV 624 - Grus Kranich is born
  • CV 630 - In Minor Astraea, an explosion kills a Himmelian mining team and buries their side of Nova Cave, a mining site joint between Himmelheit and Vallendeur. Accusations escalate, and the war begins. Historians still debate whether the explosion was an incident, an inside job, or if it really was a ploy of Vallendeur to gain control of the mines
  • CV 632 - The Vallendeuse Army sets the town of Nebelheiss on fire to surprise the Himmelian troops spending the night there, killing almost the entire population in the process. Grus Pickart, now an orphan, is saved by Frida Finken, Captain of the Altenwolk Royal Guards and General of the Himmelian Army, then brought to Frida's parents' orphanage in Altenwolk
  • CV 632 - Princess Aquila Habichtar (formerly Prince) is born
  • CV 634 - Prince Falco Habichtar is born
  • CV 640 - Elster Pickart and Grus Kranich enroll in the Himmelian Army
  • CV 644 - After 4 years of training, Elster Pickart and Grus Kranich join the war in Minor Astraea under the command of Captain Frida Finken
  • CV 648 - Val Firmamentum, in Minor Astraea, becomes the theatre of one last battle between Vallendeur and Himmelheit, wiping out the majority of both forces and forcing both to end the Eighteen Years' War with a peace treaty
  • CV 650 - Fiamme Eterne begins