If I were to write about every single character in Fiamme Eterne, this page would be too long. But I'll write about some major actors.

Elster Pickart

  • Birth Year: CV 624 (8 years old in The City I Love, 16 in Lifelong Dream, 26 in Fiamme Eterne)
  • Origin: Altenwolk
  • Fighting Style: Tank; wields one-handed sword and shield, Bolt magic

Earnest and sensible woman whose lifelong dream has always been to become a knight, to protect her hometown and all its citizens she came to love.

Only child of a couple of bakers, her parents happily welcomed Grus in the family first as her best friend, then as her girlfriend. They weren't as thrilled when they both joined the Himmelian Army, but supported their daughter's dream nevertheless.

They both fought the last four years of the Eighteen Years' War, Elster's idealism considerably resized but faith and loyalty to the crown still strong.

She has a soft spot for cats and likes to nickname any she meets, even when its owner already chose another name. She's also an expert (and enthusiastic) Munzen's Cup player.

Grus Kranich

  • Birth Year: CV 624 (8 years old in The City I Love, 16 in Lifelong Dream, 26 in Fiamme Eterne)
  • Origin: Altenwolk (formerly Nebelheiss)
  • Fighting Style: Healer and Glass Cannon; pugilist, uses healing and Aether magic

Kind and soft-spoken woman who lost her parents and her hometown when she was just 8 years old, rescued by Captain Frida Finken and then taken to the Altenwolk Orphanage.

Her amicable personality and her hobby for cooking make her well-liked by all the children in the orphanage and many people in the city, often following right after Elster in helping them out since they were little.

Once reasonably afraid of fire, her fear gradually subdued after Elster's mother taught her how to cook.

Joined the Himmelian Army with Elster to protect her on the battlefield, then fought with her the last four years of the Eighteen Years' War.

Frida Finken

  • Birth Year: CV 604
  • Origin: Altenwolk
  • Fighting Style: Tank; wields two-handed sword, Aether magic

Captain of the Altenwolk Royal Guard and General of the Himmelian Army. Her parents own the Altenwolk Orphanage, which is why the kids are particularly fond of her and celebrate any time she comes back home.

Feeling responsible for the fire of Nebelheiss and the death of Grus's parents, she personally took her to the Altenwolk Orphanage and regularly checked on her wellbeing despite being busy fighting on the front.

Her fiancèe, who was a soldier like her, tragically died in battle just one year into the Eighteen Years' War. This fueled her drive to climb the ranks, until she became General and realized she still felt as empty as before.

Aquila Habichtar

  • Birth Year: CV 632
  • Origin: Altenwolk
  • Fighting Style: Magic DPS; archer, Fire magic

Princess (born Prince) of the Kingdom of Himmelheit and future heir to the throne, Aquila is much more interested in adventuring and fantasizing about traveling around the world than becoming Queen — although she greatly enjoys all the perks of royalty.

Her repeated escapades and generally hard to handle personality have been aggravating her father and all the Royal Guards for years, often making her younger, more serious, brother Falco bear the burden. She has no qualms about it.

She holds a Noble Psichelite, a gift from her 16th birthday, in her archery glove, thanks to which she is able to conjure infinite magic arrows for her bow. Her first encounter with Elster and Grus finally pushed her to put some effort in her studies, making her a good archer and magic user... both skills she can't wait to put to use in her first real adventure.

Procyon Rodens

  • Birth Year: CV 638
  • Origin: Roccasirio
  • Fighting Style: Healer and Buffer; gunner, Ice magic

Young medic born in Roccasirio and student of Dr. Murid Rodens, expert in medicine and alternative energy researcher. After learning the ropes from her, he started offering his services to the Therials living in the villages on the Orion Pass.

He has always had a hobby for tinkering with machines and various contraptions of his own invention, frequently helping his teacher with her research to one day build a society where Psichelite aren't as needed anymore.